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THANKS to all those who took the time to email, call or fax our legislative leaders and the Governor about the fracking waste issue! There were thousands of emails, hundreds of calls and faxes sent. You, the Connecticut Sierra Club supporters sent in 679 emails, 219 faxes and hundreds of phone calls!
There is a large coalition of environmental and health organizations working on this issue. Considering how the state legislature works, we had a great victory. But there is more work to be done.

SB 237 Fracking Waste

This bill will impose a 3 year moratorium on imports or processing of fracking waste, calls for DEEP regulations a year later, some troubling/ ambiguous language. Although not a permanent ban like Vermont passed in May 2012, it gives us time to keep pushing for the outright ban. Albeit somewhat divisive, it’s something.  Passed

Check this out from the Don't Waste Connecticut Coalition

Fracking waste in Connecticut!!?  Maybe you don’t know what “fracking waste” is but it sounds bad, doesn’t it?  Well, it is bad.  “Fracking waste” is the contaminated, toxic, radioactive water and solids that come from hydraulic fracturing, the procedure that extracts natural gas and oil from shale formations.

In an effort to get rid of this waste, the natural gas industry either keeps it on site or tries to recycle the water or they ship it to other states to get it off their hands.  We don’t want it here in Connecticut!  It contains many toxins, including over 2 dozen known carcinogens.  The fracking waste that comes from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and possibly in the near future, New York, is radioactive!  Radioactive materials are linked to bone, liver and breast cancer.