Tranquil Together On the Trail

Alone, my two dogs and I step lightly,

Over snow covered stones and ice.
Crisp, pine scented air chills our lungs slightly,
As we eagerly seize a rare trice.

With one spirit these times we embrace,
Along a shallow frozen stream.
Silken flakes slowly drift down my face,
Coating our eyelashes and their whiskers the same!

We pass quietly in this still, white world,
When a cautious thought occurs.
Will trail's end appear, ere Nature blurs
Wonderland vistas and sets winds awhirl?

Gazing back, our passage etched as Winter can,
Tracks of paws and feet from where we began,
Show side by side, our Fate we meet.
Our frosty breaths rise, disperse, losing heat.

My thirsty dogs chomp frozen clumps that melt,
As they flop into snow angels, so heartfelt!
Then up, gleefully chasing stick and ice ball
Which hide or crumble, unfound all.

Leading on, their outlines a vague scheme,
Dusted with snow, until clues show,
With eyes that gleam, breaths of steam
And sudden turns where they pose.

Safely home without further bluster,
These cherished memories will stir,
When on rougher trails in later winter,
Forging forth I can’t muster.

M. Renee Taylor


A very successful New Year's Day hike in Session Woods! 47 hikers took in the natural beauty on a cool clear winter's day. A great way to shake off one too many bowl games or the extra egg nog from the night before.