Bridgeport Shines

by Diane Lentakis and Paul Brunner

On March 18, 2014, Bridgeport's City Council, in a 15-5 vote, approved a 20-year lease agreement with United Illuminating (UI) for a solar array. The solar array of 9,000 panels will be built on top of a capped landfill.

Some residents expressed concerns about he aesthetics of the array. In response, the Council agreed to certain concessions. These included: no barbed wire, no night-time lighting, and no fencing higher than six feet.

Sierra Club members and activists attended several meetings which led up to the final decision of the solar array installation. Sierra Club is very supportive of Mayor Finch's initiative as it is a huge step in bringing clean renewable energy to Connecticut. This is just one more step towards reducing reliance on fossil fuels which contribute to climate change.

We encourage you to join us by walking the walk and actively supporting projects that move us towards a healthier and more sustainable environment!

(Photo courtesy of Onte Johnson)