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      Terms and Abbreviations


      SB- senate bill
      HB- house bill
      JF- Joint Favorable-committee approved bill without changes (amendments)
      JFS- Joint Favorable Substitute-committee approved bill but with changes
      CGS- Connecticut General Statutes, the law of the land. Bills which pass are ultimately incorporated into the CGS.
      RSRs- Regulations of State Agencies; regulations written by state agencies to implement laws. To become effective, a new regulation must be accepted by the Legislature’s Regulations Review Committee
      PA- Public Act; when a bill passes both chambers it is assigned a Public Act number, which is then how it is referred to
      SA-Special Act; a bill which has passed, but is for a special case and won't be placed into statute (CGS)

      Legislative Offices

      OFA Office of Fiscal Analysis
      LCO Legislative Commissioners Office
      OLR Office of Legal Research


      ** indicates subject area committees of highest interest. * indicates a committee we monitor.

      AGE Select Committee on Aging
      APP Appropriations*
      BA Banks
      CE Commerce*
      ED Education*
      ENV Environment**
      ET Energy and Technology**
      EXN Executive and Legislative Nominations
      FIN Finance, Revenue and Bonding*
      GAE Government Administration and Elections
      GL General Law
      HED Higher Education and Employment Advancement
      HS Human Services
      HSG Housing
      INS Insurance and Real Estate
      JUD Judiciary*
      KID Children
      LAB Labor and Public Employees
      LM Legislative Management
      PD Planning and Development**
      PH Public Health*
      PRI Program Review and Investigations
      PS Public Safety
      RR Regulations Review
      TRA Transportation*
      VA Veterans Affairs

      Our statewide environmental colleagues who work on legislation

      CT Fund for the Environment (CFE)
      Coalition for a Safe and Healthy CT (CSHC)
      Citizen’s Campaign for the Environment (CCE)
      Rivers Alliance (RA)
      The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
      League of Conservation Voters (LCV)
      CT Forest and Parks Association (CFPA)
      Audubon, CT Chapter
      Working Lands Alliance (WLA)
      1000 Friends of CT
      Ct Land Conservation Council (CLCC)
      Environment Northeast (ENE)
      CT Coalition for Environmental Justice (CCEJ)
      Environment and Human Health (EHHI)
      Clean Water Action (CWA)