Legislative Webpages-Welcome

The Connecticut Chapter of the Sierra Club Grassroots Legislative Network
The 2015 state legislative session began in January. We are forming a grassroots legislative network to advance state legislation. If you are interested in attending public hearings, taking action on bills, or calling and writing your legislators, please contact Laurie Julian here..


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Welcome to the Connecticut Sierra Club State Legislative webpages. On these pages, we’ll give you:
-a guide to easy w
ays to take action to contact your state senator and representative Take Action
    -a catalog of important bills in the state Legislative session Current Bills
    -an orientation to the Connecticut Legislature Orientation
    -a page of terms and explanations you may find useful Terms and Abbreviations

    -links to places where you will find more information Links and References,
For information on national legislation visit the national Sierra Club webpages. www.sierraclub.org and search for issues you care about or click on the Take Action link.

    Why bother with the state legislature? I
n the US, we have governments at the municipal, regional (county), state, and federal levels. These webpages are about state government, and the state legislature in Hartford  not the federal congress in Washington. In recent years, the states have led in creating environmental legislation. That’s where much of the action is. So you will find a wealth of information here on state legislation. For federal issues, visit the national Sierraclub webpages.
    We feel more than fortunate to be able to do our work here. We have an honorable legislature, which gets it right most of the time. Once in a while, they do slip and backslide a little. But, on the whole, Connecticut’s environment is in good hands. Yes, we need more funding for the DEEP. We have needed that for decades. We need more emphasis and protection in certain areas. But, in general, we are fortunate that we have both strong state laws and protective agency regulations.
     Our favorite debate topic is this: Resolved, the best friend the environment could have is a strong economy. We understand that environmental values go hand in hand with the economy; they complement each other, and work in synergy not in opposition.
     Our philosophy in working with the legislature is this: we are here to help them get it right. It’s a productive mindset, and we live in a state where this works. Time spent promoting a healthy environment in Connecticut is time well spent.
     If you are a Sierra Club member, feel free to contact us with questions, concerns, requests, advice, advisories, criticism, praise, encouragement, perspective, appreciation. But no rants, please.
     We’ve tried to include the most important informant on these pages-the information you need to take action. To do this, we’ve left out a vast amount of minute detail. Feel free to thank us for that.

Martin Mador
Legislative Chair, Sierra Club-Connecticut Chapter