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New Haven ICO has a team for Rock to Rock! (The event is Saturday, April 21st.)

Register and join the ICO team at: http://www.firstgiving.com/commongroundct/rocktorock2012
Contribute (and/or encourage others to contribute) through my page:

If you join the team, make sure that you select NEW HAVEN INNER CITY OUTINGS as the place you want your donations to go.

It is $30 to register to ride and join the team, but if you donate to my page, 100% of the donation goes to ICO (it will show up as New Haven Ecology Project, but it will go to us). Please encourage anyone you can to donate!  We'll be at the event, too helping out somewhere along the route, and we'll also be promoting the event at the Wooster Square Farmer's Market. Come check us out!


New Haven Inner City Outings is in its 19th year of providing exciting outdoor adventures for children who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity for hiking, swimming, rollerblading, canoeing, rafting, camping and visiting the state's natural history museums and nature centers. We currently work with four agencies in New Haven: Farnam Neighborhood House, Wexler Grant School, Mauro-Sheridan School, and Co-op High School.

February 4 is just one example of a wonderful trip that encompassed several aspects of our work. First, a dozen kids from Farnam and three adults attended a workshop at the New Haven Museum featuring a ranger from the West Rock Nature Center who brought pelts of several mammals found in East Rock and West Rock parks (which bookmark the city), as well as a large snapping turtle shell and a live box turtle. Then the kids got to tour an exhibit of paintings of East and West Rock and create their own art, using pencils, paint and clay. After lunch at the museum we headed to West Rock, where we hiked around Lake Wintergreen, playing in the stream that feeds the lake and discovering its headwaters.

The ten girls and two boys each got a chance to discover their strengths (like leading on a trail), learn new skills (like balancing on a log) and enjoy nature. It was not lost on these youngsters that they were lucky to have these two beautiful and fun parks to explore so close to home. They're already starting to think as environmental stewards.

This trip is linked to the fourth annual Rock to Rock bike ride on which riders are raising funds for 18 local environmental groups, including ICO, and riding from West Rock to East Rock. You can join the team "ICO Rocks", donate to a rider, or join a trip by following the links at: http://connecticut.sierraclub.org/ico-s/new-haven-ico

Becky DeAngelo

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Upcoming outings:
March 24th    Norwalk Aquarium
April 28th       Co-op High ICO group leads a hike for younger ICO kids with nature education
May 12th     Yale Day of Service
May 19/20th    Camping
June 23rd    Ansonia Nature Center, Hike, with talk on Recycling
July 14th    Farmer's Market and swimming
July 21st     Farmer's Market(?) and swimming
August 18th    Recycling Museum and swimming
September 15/16th    Camping, Library
September 22nd    Ecosystems at Hammonasset?
November 17th    Rent Community Pool(?) and hike at East Rock(?)
December 1st    Food Pantry shopping and ice skating
December 8th    Food Pantry shopping and ice skating
December 15th    
Food Pantry shopping and ice skating
January 21st 2013    MLK Day at Peabody