The Sierra Club Hartford Inner City Outings group has many events this Spring! The big event is April's Let's G.O. (Get Outside) month with the Children and Nature Network and Natural Leaders Network. You can visit this webpage for more information on that:http://childrenandnature.ning.com/group/letsgo

Congratulations to our Hartford Inner City Outings group for getting their picture on Michele Obama's kids get moving blog!!
It's time to go outside

They are looking for volunteers. They will be with MDC and Riverfront Recapture near Charter Oak Landing from 9am to 2pm on those days.

For more information about the upcoming schedule, you can email Christian HERE or call:  860-550-3055

Wadsworth State Park outing

For more information go to: Hartford Inner City Outings

New Haven Inner City Outings

Now through Earth Day you can help the Sierra Club Inner City Outings! Let's get more kids outdoors! They could use it! http://www.groupon.com/deals/sierra-club