Shoreline Group

Hi Everyone – The Sierra Club Shoreline Group’s October 15th meeting will be held at 6:30 at the Guilford Public Library. Christopher Brennan will give a presentation on canyoneering – a new adventure activity that involves descending narrow and steep canyons, often into places where no one else has ever stepped foot!  Mr. Brennan helped pioneer the sport in the southwest.  A

description of his video presentation is below. 

            Canyoneering in the Southwest and around the World

                Christopher Earls Brennen, Pasadena, CA

Canyoneering (called canyoning in Australia and Europe) is a growing adventure activity all over the world. It involves descending narrow and sometimes steep canyons using technical rock-climbing equipment in order to negotiate the steeper sections, often in or beside waterfalls. The author, who helped pioneer the sport in the southwest, will describe some of his many adventures in the huge, vertical landscapes of Arizona, the narrow canyons of Utah and the earthquake-fractured mountains of California.

The tour will not only visit expected places like Zion National Park, Death Valley and  Yosemite’s Haunted Canyon but also some wondrous hidden gems like Neon Canyon in  Escalante National Park. Mostly the photographs will tell the story of an amazing canyon landscape (and waterscape) not only in the USA but later in canyons further afield, in Mexico, Costa Rica and Australia. The extraordinary variety and beauty of the canyons of the world is illustrated by visits to the semi-subterranean Matacanes canyon near Monterrey, Mexico, to Karijini National Park in western Australia and to the lush, tropical canyons of Costa Rica.

The author’s internet books on the canyons of the southwest, “Adventure Hikes and Canyoneering in the San Gabriels” and “Adventure Hikes and Canyoneering in the Southwest” have become guides for a whole new generation of American canyoneers.