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Rally to Oppose the Fracked Gas Pipeline Projects in Connecticut!

On Saturday, 12/13/14, 11:30a.m. at the Trader Joe’s mall in Danbury, Connecticut Sierra Club,along with our friends from and Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion, are holding a rally to protest the gas industry plans to expand pipelines running across our state.

GAS=Methane. Methane is 86 times more powerful than carbon dioxide at trapping heat in the atmosphere in the first 20 years of release. There is NO CLIMATE BENEFIT to switching from coal and oil to methane.

These large diameter, high pressure pipelines will carry fracked gas from the Marcellus Shale. This gas is dirty and contains carcinogens and environmental toxins that result from the extraction process. This gas is not reliable, as the Marcellus Shale will be tapped out in about 7 years, approximately. This gas is to a great extent not meant to be used domestically, but will be transported to the coast for shipment overseas.

The gas industry must make greater profits for the extraction to be economically viable for them; the only way to obtain greater profits is to ship gas overseas, as domestic prices have dropped. Fracked gas is not truly cheap, as the fracking process causes severe environmental devastation and adverse health effects, and ultimately all Americans pay that cost.

Fracking has been associated with poisoned water, human suffering and earthquakes, among other ill effects. Most importantly, we don’t need fracked gas in Connecticut! By increasing energy efficiencies, which include sealing leaks in methane pipelines, and investing in carbon-free power sources, like solar and wind energy, the energy we need can be provided, without causing irreversible harm to the climate and our environment.

Date: 12/13/14 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Location: Trader Joe’s on Danbury Green mall.
113 Mill Plain Road, Danbury CT 06811.
Directions: Take Exit #2 off I-84 East. Take Exit #2B off I-84 West.
For more information, please contact, or call (860) 236-4405.

Fight The Pipelines!! !!! Fracked Gas Is Coming to Connecticut in large diameter, high pressure Pipelines, courtesy of gas companies who need to sell their product overseas for profit. ! !

How do you feel about methane poisoning the air and changing the climate?!
How do you feel about radioactive gases released from pipelines near schools and parks?!
How do you feel about rivers, streams, wetlands, and wildlife areas being disrupted ?!
How do you feel about Fracking?! !

Well, fracking is coming to Connecticut in every way except the wells. Gas Companies plan to dig up and drill across our entire state in order to place large diameter, high pressure pipelines to carry fracked shale gas, from various projects of different gas companies. A few of these projects are: CT Expansion (Tennessee Gas Co), Algonquin Incremental Market (Spectra Energy), and Northeast Energy Direct (Tenn Gas Co). The energy industry wants to move this fracked shale gas from states to the south and west of us to the coast, where it can be converted to liquid gas at LNG stations and shipped overseas, at great profit to gas companies. ! !


Come to the FEDERAL ENERGY REGULATORY COMMISSION (FERC) scoping meeting on Tuesday, October 28 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the East Granby Community Center, 20 Center Street, East Granby, CT 06026, and give testimony about why you don’t want huge pipelines carrying fracked gas to be built in our state. ! !

The project being discussed at this scoping meeting is the CT Expansion. This project has not yet been approved, so now is the time to tell FERC about our environmental concerns regarding the transport of shale gas. FERC must consider the environmental impact of transporting dirty fracked gas across our state and the impact that it will have on human health.!!

You can also give written testimony on the FERC website. The deadline for written comments is Nov. 10. Please contact the email below to get involved, for help with speaking and/or writing points for your testimony, and to meet at the scoping meeting. !!

Gas=Methane. Methane is over 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide as a global greenhouse gas, causing climate disruption. Yet, no agency, including EPA, regulates methane. There is NO regulation of this dangerous gas in the US. The industry is taking advantage of a lack of regulatory oversight of methane and of fracking to push through a large number of dangerous, unnecessary pipeline projects. !! Low Demand Studies in other states have found that new fossil fuel infrastructure is unnecessary. The companies who support these pipelines are Chevron, BP and ExxonMobil. !! Contact: for information and to get involved.

Shale Gas Boom Is Coming to Connecticut by Martha Klein

As a result of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, oil and gas have become cheaper to extract, and the drop in domestic market price is forcing profit driven energy companies to seek alternate markets. The gas companies want to build new pipeline, increase the size of older pipeline, and bring more gas into our state, ostensibly for domestic use but also to link pipeline to liquid natural gas stations which convert gas to liquid fuel for storage and shipping. Right now, the gas, or more accurately, the methane, that is imported via pipelines into Connecticut is about half fracked, but in the future, that amount will be close to 100%. Energy companies claim this pipeline infrastructure increase is needed, because in winter the demand for gas increases in New England, which results in price volatility. Opponents point out numerous flaws in that claim, however. The overall energy use in our state has decreased slightly. People are responding to the crisis caused by climate disruption that they see all around them, and are using less energy as a result. A number of recent studies demonstrate that by continuing this trend of using less power, no more fossil fuels need to be added to the electrical energy mix. (more info to come!) (click on either jpeg for a closer look!)


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