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      The push to ban fracking waste importation into Connecticut is gaining momentum. Having passed out of two committees so far, we need to keep up the fight! Here activists from CT Sierra and a large coalition of environmental organizations arrive at the LOB (Legislative Office Building) and then deliver petitions to the Governor's office at the Capitol! Keep those emails and calls going into your state representative and state senator! (find your representative/senators here:

      ere is a program of tree "pruning" starting in pilot projects in various towns throughout Connecticut. At the moment, they are towns in UI (United Illuminating) territory. This is going to be a major issue in many places. We'll be involved in this in some way but there are plans from the utilities being voted on soon by PURA (Public Utilities Reglatory Authority)
      Please go here ( for more information.
      WIN, WIN, WIN! Cash back for customer, fundraising for local chapter, and clean energy (win for the environment!) This is what happens when you go solar through Sungevity! Join the solar revolution and help your local Sierra Club at the same time. Get a quote and see how you can join the revolution. Just go to:
      For more information about the program click HERE for the FAQ (frequently asked questions)

      Get a free consultation and sign up for solar panels soon!  Sungevity will send $750 back to the Sierra Club and $750 back to the homeowner! 

      supports the mission and work of the Sierra Club.

      2) OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE IN CLIMATE SOLUTIONS: Going solar now supports green jobs and helps clean energy grow.

      3) TESTED PROGRAM: Feedback from pilot was overwhelmingly positivegood experience with process, Sungevity, and they love using clean energy!

      4) SUPPORT LOCAL CHAPTERS: National Sierra Club promotion of the Solar Homes program supports local chapters who will receive unrestricted funds for advocacy and conservation programs as well as crucial overhead costs.

      5) TIME IS RIGHT FOR SOLAR: Affordable leasing options are available and you can be a part of the growing solar revolution.

      6) DIRTY ENERGY IS COSTING US ALL: Coal is making our kids and adults sick by polluting the air we breathe and the water we drink. Big Coal profits at the expense of people.

      7) CLEAN ENERGY IS CREATING JOBS AND POWERING THE ECONOMY: Wind and solar already provide more jobs than the coal mining industry. Generating power with solar creates seven times more jobs than doing so with coal.

      Connecticut Sierra Club Takes on Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)  Click here for details  See also:   Link to online version of CONCERNS WITH GMOs - WHAT IS THE SCIENCE?