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Fracked Gas Pipeline Educational Forum
ednesday Nov. 11, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. Guilford Public Library, 67 Park Street, Guilford, CT.
Presented by Food and Water Watch, 350CT, and The Sierra Club Connecticut Chapter. Hosted by The Shoreline Group of the Sierra Club Connecticut Chapter.
(Click on picture at left for a PDF flyer of the event.)
The Algonquin pipeline expansion project has started construction in Guilford and surrounding towns, yet many Con
necticut residents are unaware of the costs associated with this and the other shale gas projects in the state.
Please attend our forum if you want answers to the following questions:
How will pipeline expansions affect my town & neighborhood?
How will the cost of these new projects affect my energy bill?
Is methane, or fracked, natural gas really a bridge fuel?
What are the health and safety impacts for local residents?
What is the effect on the environment of piping fracked gas under rivers, through wetlands, and across sensitive ecosystems?
How does leaked methane impact climate change?
More gas = more fracking = radioactive fracking waste.
What does this mean for Connecticut?
(yet another gas pipeline explosion; this one over the weekend (Oct 16) in Texas)
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There is significant concern about the effects of these construction projects on the economy, environment, health and safety of the citizens of Connecticut, and development of renewable energy alternatives. This event is free and open to the public.


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The Connecticut Chapter of the Sierra Club Grassroots Legislative Network
The 2015 state legislative session began in January. We are forming a grassroots legislative network to advance state legislation. If you are interested in attending public hearings, taking action on bills, or calling and writing your legislators, please contact Laurie Julian here.

The 3rd Annual Climate Stewardship Summit
Thursday, November 5 from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm
Congregation Beth Israel, 701 Farmington Ave, West Hartford. 
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Come hear nationally-known preacher, author, and radio host, Deacon Art Miller, as well as celebrated climate activist and Unitarian, Tim DeChristopher, tell their stories.  Please join us for a day-long conference as we seek integrated and multi-faith strategies to not only prevent climate change and environmental injustice, but to combat poverty and restore dignity to both people and the planet.

The rest of our day will feature an action-oriented agenda designed to educate and motivate attendees to take concrete actions for climate and environmental justice, including workshops on global water scarcity, environmental racism, climate change, and permaculture.

Suggested donation: $30 (includes continental breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.) Sliding scale of $10 - $100 available.  Child care is available, but you MUST pre-register.

Register here -
For more info, please visit

Terri Eickel Interreligious Eco-Justice Network
(Although this is not a Sierra Club sponsored event we certainly encourage your participation)

100% Renewable Energy for 100% of the People

Connecticut has a choice. We can be a leader in renewable energy technology, creating new jobs, lowering energy prices and stabilizing our climate, OR we can continue the status quo of using and expanding gas pipelines and other dirty energy projects that keep us dependent on fossil fuels, damage our air quality, exacerbate climate change and make our residents less safe.

Join us on Nov. 21 at 12:00 noon at the State Capitol on 210 Capitol Avenue in Hartford to tell Governor Malloy that we demand clean, renewable energy controlled by the community, and challenge his support for more fracked gas pipelines through our state.

Communities around the country are already moving to 100% renewable power. Currently, the city of Burlington VT is powered almost entirely by renewable power or renewable energy credits. The city gets only 0.01% and 0.06% of its electricity from gas and oil respectively. The rest is supplied by wood, hydro, wind and solar. Studies by Stanford professor Mark Jacobson, available at, illustrate how every state in the USA can transition to 100% renewable energy with current technology. These technologies not only can reduce pollution and danger but will create secure jobs, more than 60,000 in construction and operation in Connecticut alone.

Connecticut needs an immediate plan to transition to renewable energy, and all shale gas expansion projects must be halted. We call on our legislators to implement the following initiatives:

Repeal of financial and political support for all fossil fuels, including fracked gas infrastructure;

A comprehensive federal and state plan for a rapid transition to 100% renewable energy with guaranteed green jobs for fossil fuel workers and a focus on career opportunities for low-income communities;

An end to environmentally racist policies that put the burden of pollution on disadvantaged neighborhoods.

Please join with us in Hartford on Nov. 21st to tell our governor: Stop ratepayer subsidized fracked gas infrastructure expansions, retire the coal and nuclear plants, ramp up efficiencies, and develop clean and carbon free energy sources now! Additionally we demand a Saturday meeting of the Governors Council on Climate Change so working people can participate. We will gather to tell Gov. Dannel Malloy : Hey Governor Malloy- Your energy policy is fracked!

Endorsed by the following organizations:

350 CT, Sierra Club Connecticut Chapter, Food and Water Watch, Connecticut Against Fracking, Hartford Action, Activate CT, Interreligious Eco-Justice Network, CCSU Global Environmental Sustainability Action Coalition,The Town of Windham Energy Commission, Social Action Committee of Shoreline Unitarian Universalist Society of Madison CT, Occupy Danbury, Greater Danbury MoveOn. org Council, The Committee for a Cultural/Environmental Center-Gunntown Road/Naugatuck, Eastern Connecticut Green Action, Green Party of Connecticut, Toxics Action Center, Grassroots Environmental Education, Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion (SAPE), Fighting Against Natural Gas (FANG), Fossil Free Rhode Island, Occupy Providence, Grassroots Against Another Salem Power Plant (GASPP), West Roxbury Quarry Neighbors For A Fossil Fuel Free Future, HealthLink, and Beyond Extreme Energy.